At Imagine Dietitians we pride ourselves on following an individualized approach with each patient. In-person consultations are usually the best option as we can do a complete nutritional assessment. At the initial appointment we will do the following:



  • Medical history
  • Anthropometry, using an InBody scale (weight, height and circumferences)
  • Diet history
  • Environmental factors (occupation / working hours / appliances available, etc.)


  • Determine specific goals applicable to yourself
  • Break goals down – using ‘SMART’ principles

Discuss handouts

Give information and guidelines on how to achieve goals

Make follow-up appointments

Email summary after session

Information and summary is tailored to an individual’s specific goals, needs and diagnosis and can take up to 14 working days to complete. Completed documents will be emailed to client.

We are a cash based practice. You will receive an invoice after the session and can claim back from your medical aid.


Initial Assessment: (60 minutes) R875

Follow- up Assessment: (20 – 30 minutes) R475

Vitality Assessment: R475

Additional resources / meal plans: Extra charges apply