Living an active life by doing exercise most days of the week. Watch this space for interesting articles written by our personal trainers or biokineticists.



Signifies a healthy life through health promotion at your institute, health days and Vitality Nutrition Assessments. If you want to arrange a health day or nutrition talk at your company or institute, please feel free to contact us.



The last part of the motto is directly related to nutrition – healthy recipes will be published monthly and latest scientific evidence and interesting topics will be discussed on the blog.


About Us

Welcome to Imagine Dietitians™

We specialize in diet, nutrition, health promotion, wellness and vitality nutrition assessments. We also offer Online Consultations and Home Visits in the Stellenbosch, Paarl & Somerset West area. For more information click on the Contact Us tab or reach us at:



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About Us

Imagine Dietitians (practice number: 0595039) opened its doors on the 4th of January 2016 in Stellenbosch. Our motto is – Live, Health & Life. We believe a holistic approach is the best way to a healthy lifestyle:

  • Live – signifies living an active life by doing exercise most days of the week. We will be collaborating with personal trainers and biokineticists to ensure that the client receives appropriate advice on exercise.
  • Health – signifies a healthy life through health promotion. We do Vitality Nutrition Consultations and will be arranging health days or nutrition talks at local businesses and schools.
  • Life – The last part of the motto is directly related to nutrition – healthy recipes, interesting topics and articles on the latest research will be published on our blog.

We currently offer various dietetic services which include (but is not limited to) nutritional assessments and counseling in-hospital for patients who need nutritional support (sip feeds, enteral- or parenteral nutrition) or patients diagnosed with insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus (or any other chronic disease of the lifestyle), cancer, renal problems, rheumatology disease, eating disorders, weight loss and children who are picky eaters, suffer from constipation, have an iron deficiency or have inadequate dietary intake.

At the moment there are two registered dietitians working at the practice: Chantel Richardson and Stacy-Leigh Strydom. All clients / patients are billed at medical aid tariffs to ensure that their medical aid allocation for allied health will be stretched and they can benefit from proper nutritional care and follow-ups where needed, without unnecessary financial limitations.

More About Us

A dietitian is not only someone to assist with weight loss (even though it is a big component of what we do), we also do consultations for chronic diseases, pediatrics, cancer or any other nutrition related disorder:

  • Weight loss
  • Surgery and gastrointestinal problems: IBS, Chron’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Short gut syndrome, Malabsorption, etc.
  • Cancer: Weight management during therapy and palliative care, diet adaptations and specialized meal plans
  • Diabetes: Insulin resistance, Type 1 on Insulin, Type 2 on Insulin or medication, Gestational Diabetes, Diabetes in children
  • Cholesterol and heart conditions: hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, previous heart attack, heart failure
  • Liver, pancreas or gallbladder abnormalities
  • Eating disorders: Anorexia or Bulimia
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Pregnancy and Lactation: Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Pediatrics: Nutrition during first months of life, Introduction to solids, Toddler diet, School lunchbox ideas, Ideas for picky eaters, etc.

Please feel free to make a booking online or contact us if you want to know more.

Chantel Richardson

Chantel Richardson

Registered Dietitian

Chantel Richardson

Registered dietitian, business owner, amateur baker, avid reader, keen traveller and foodie

Chantel started her dietetics career at the University of Stellenbosch in 2010. After graduating in 2013 she decided to choose a town far away from home to start her community service at, and was placed at Sabie Hospital in Mpumalanga in 2014. She gained valuable knowledge in this year as she worked in the male and female general wards, clinics, paediatric and maternity wards. After her community service she packed her bags and moved back to the Western Cape, where she started at an established private practice in Worcester. She eventually decided to start a private practice of her own – Imagine Dietitians and officially opened the doors in Stellenbosch, January 2016.

Chantel is passionate about assisting her clients with making sustainable dietary changes and lifestyle choices by following an individualized approach, with each person that walks into her office. She is a firm believer of intuitive eating and practices these guidelines at each session. Her areas of interest include critical care (ICU) chronic diseases of the lifestyle (diabetes – type 1 and type 2, hypercholesterolaemia), disordered eating and emotional eaters, palliative care, weight loss, women’s health (PCOS, hypothyroidism) and gastro-intestinal diseases and peri-operative nutrition.

Qualifications / Courses:

  • BSc Dietetics Honours (US) 2010 – 2013
  • Infant Feeding course, BFHI (20 hour, Western Cape, Department of Health)
  • CDE – 5 day Advanced course in Diabetes Care (CDE, Johannesburg)
  • Bariatric Accredited Dietitian (CEMMSSA)

Chantel’s activities when she is not at the office:

Chantel loves to bake and decorate cakes for friends and family’s special occasions, like birthday parties, baby showers and kitchen teas. She will gladly entertain and cook for loved ones at home as often as she can. When she is not just cooking regular, everyday meals, she is experimenting with new recipes and flavours – often leaving her friends and family having to be the guinea pigs. She loves to read and has a variety of books on her bookshelf at home: ranging from love stories, autobiographies, short stories and classics. She enjoys the vineyards and mountains in her backyard and regularly explores new areas in the Western Cape with the love of her life. She loves to travel and is already planning her next trip, where she will be exploring the variety of food, traditional ingredients and recipes that they have.



Valpre van Schalkwyk

Valpre van Schalkwyk

Registered Dietitian

Valpre van Schalkwyk

Registered dietitian, exercise enthusiast, adventurer, traveler and amateur diver

After qualifying from the University of Pretoria in 2016, Valpre started her career as a dietitian in Nelspruit Mpumalanga working at Rob Ferreira hospital. There she gained clinical experience working in the surgical wards, Internal medicine wards, paediatric ward, ICU as well as the neonatal ward.  After completing her community service year she decided to embark on a new adventure in the Western Cape as it has always been a dream of hers.

She joined the Imagine Dietitian team in January 2018 and is enjoying the experiences from working both at the Mediclinic in stellenbosch as well as counselling at the office.  Valpre has a keen interest in paediatric nutrition, critical care (ICU), peri-operative nutrition, nutrition and oncology, nutrition during palliative care , nutrition for chronic lifestyle diseases (diabetes – type 1 and type 2, hypercholesterolaemia, Hypertension), and weightloss

Valpre is passionate about helping her clients reach their goals and believes that a holistic approach to health is the only way to achieve lifestyle goals.  She believes that focus should be placed on intuitive eating in order to achieve sustainable and long-term results.

Qualifications / Courses:

  • B. Dietetics  (UP) 2013 – 2016
  • Infant Feeding course (20 hour, Gauteng, Department of Health)
  • CDE – 5 day Advanced course in Diabetes Care (CDE, Johannesburg)

When Valpre isn’t working:

Valpre is an avid nature lover and enjoys most outdoor activities.  She is at her happiest surrounded by friends and family hiking, having a picnic or even hosting one of her famous game nights. She is also fond of cooking and trying out new recipes. She absolutely loves her new hometown of Somerset west and spends a lot of time exploring all of the wonderful things the cape has to offer. She feels extremely passionate about traveling and ticking of her bucket list with her fiancé.

She is registered with the HPCSA: DT0049620 and is a member of ADSA.


  One of my highlights over the past few months was Checkers’ “Little Garden” initiative that was introduced to South Africa. WOW, what an amazing initiative – it was so much better than the previous ‘spend R150 and get free’ initiatives. No more useless plastic...
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It is world health day and the theme of this year is Health for everyone. Health can be defined as being free from illness or injury. Nutrition plays a big role in the contribution towards health. Yet nutritional needs are different for each individual. Our nutritional needs are based upon our gender, age, weight, height, ethnicity and health status. In South Africa we have general guidelines to lead us towards meeting our nutritional needs and have optimal health. This article will explore the South African Food-based Dietary Guidelines.

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  This week we are focussing on salt awareness week.  You may wonder why it is that we place so much focus on salt intake.  This is because consuming excessive amount of salt can have various disadvantages such as contributing towards hypertension (high blood...
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  Prevalence of diabetes mellitus is on the rise: currently in South Africa diabetes is the second leading cause of all-cause mortality, only after tuberculosis. The age of a person at diagnosis is also becoming younger – but what is causing this pandemic? All...
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Exercise, exercise, exercise You may be sick and tired of hearing about the importance of exercise. But, it keeps coming up for the prevention AND management of most diseases and conditions because it is so essential. Exercise has been proven to reduce blood pressure...
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  This year we have Kidney Awareness Week from the 2nd to 6th of September. This is five days that we focus on kidney health and sharing tips on how to prevent or reduce risk of developing kidney disease. Why all the hype around kidneys? It might seem like it is...
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Serves 2 - 4 Ingredients: 1kg Butternut, peeled and diced 2 medium Carrots, roughly chopped 3 Gem squash, halved, seeds removed 2 Tbsp Canola oil 1/2 tsp. Garlic, crushed 2l Water, boiling 3 tsp. Stock, powder, chicken 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon 1/4 tsp. Cumin 2 - 4 Tbsp....

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  Serves 4 – 6 Ingredients: 600g Tomatoes, Rosa, small, halved 1 tsp. Garlic, chopped 2 Tbsp. Olive oil 2 Tins Tomato, diced 6 – 8 Basil leaves, chopped 250ml Stock, vegetable or chicken 1 – 2 tsp. Sugar 1 tsp. Vinegar Salt and pepper to taste 4 – 6 Tbsp. Cream...

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BOBOTIE WITH FLAVOURED RICE Yields 6 portions   INGREDIENTS: 1 slice white bread, thick 125ml milk 25ml oil 2 onions, in slices 2 garlic cloves, chopped fine 15ml ginger, fresh, grated 30ml curry powder 5ml tumeric 3ml cumin, fine 3ml coriander, fine 1kg mince,...

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        Yields 4 portions INGREDIENTS: 4 chicken fillets, deboned 45ml fresh lemon juice 15ml olive oil 30ml sherry, muscadel or port 60ml fresh basil, chopped OR 5ml dry basil 15ml fresh origanum OR 2.5ml dry origanum 5ml fresh thyme OR a pinch of...

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    This is an easy to make, fresh summer salad that includes a variety of different foods that covers all food groups.  Sounds fantastic right? Ingredients (Serves 6) Cajun Salad Dressing 200ml ,Plain Yoghurt. 100ml, Mayonnaise. 3-5ml, (or to taste)Cajun...

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  This is a delicious and fresh salad that is easy to make and it looks beautiful plated. You only need a few basic ingredients. Bonus - the lemon juice keeps the avocado nice and fresh - no more brown avo in leftover salad!   Ingredients: 3 - 4 cups Rocket,...

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It is important to consume an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals when pregnant.  This ensures benefits for both the mother-to-be as well as for her child. The big question is which vitamins and minerals are important and in which food sources can they be found? ...
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Childhood obesity is a reality. A South African survey reported that 18.1% of children between the ages of two and five years are overweight - that is almost one in every five! Being overweight or obese at a young age puts children at a greater risk of developing...
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Many of us believe food allergies to be relatively common, largely because of the continued attention it receives on social media networks. Food allergies are in fact quite uncommon. The confusion increases when “food allergy” and “food intolerance” are mistakenly...
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WHAT IS COMPLEMENTARY FEEDING? Complementary feeding is the process of gradually introducing other foods and liquids along with breast milk once breast milk alone is no longer sufficient to meet the nutritional requirements of infants.   INTRODUCING SOLIDS When...
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  Before we focus on the food that goes into the lunch box, we have to make sure we have the correct lunchbox. The best option is a lunchbox with various compartments to ensure the food, flavours and sauces do not mix. If you do not have this you can also use a...
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Nutritional status during pregnancy is one of the most important factors affecting foetal growth and development.   RECOMMENDED WEIGHT GAIN DURING PREGNANCY Adequate weight gain during pregnancy is essential to ensure optimal growth of a baby. But how much weight...
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